Join our internship program!

Visit your fellow caregivers to talk with them about the union's political program and leadership opportunities!


SEIU 775 MCOI participants are part of an eight-week paid internship program in selected areas of Washington state, going door to door and doing house visits with members.

The next internship session is April 14-June 20, 2017. The initial training will be in SEIU 775 Seattle office. Interns will then return home, and work in their own county.

The deadline to apply is April 14, 2017.

MCOI duties

  • House visit other SEIU 775 members
  • Expand our Political Accountability Fund
  • Identify potential activist and leaders you meet during house visits
  • Attend four days of SEIU 775 MCOI Boot Camp at the Seattle HQ Office
  • Daily debriefing
  • Training, local turf meetings and events


  • Engage members to be part of the movement
  • Increase membership participation, including Political Accountability Fund
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Mobilize new members to become involved in union activities
  • Continue to develop leadership skills by building our union in your turf with other active leaders and organizer after your internship is over

Apply below! Questions? Read the FAQ after the form!

By submitting your application, you signify that you agree to the following:

"I have read and understand the MCOI Job Description. I pledge that I am able or willing to learn to meet all of the requirements. If invited to participate in the MCOI program, I will personally commit to follow the values, vision, mission and message of our union to the best of my ability; to set aside personal priorities in order to build a stronger union, and to motivate caregivers to take action in support of a strong union. When my internship time is complete, I will use my new leadership skills to assist in building a stronger union and winning for long-term care workers."


Do I need a car?
Yes. You MUST have a reliable car, current driver’s license and current insurance. You cannot participate in the program if you do not have a car, license and auto insurance.

How many hours per week will I get paid?
This is a temporary internship program for eight weeks and not a permanent job with SEIU.  You are assigned to work 40 hours per week, however the “work week” may include a weekend day. You will get two paid breaks (30 mins) a day.

Will meals be provided?
Generally not, though we will have lunch and coffee during the Boot Camp, and other all day in-office trainings. You will provide your own lunch on most days. 

What about my client and homecare duties? Can I continue to work with my client?
It is your responsibility to find coverage and respite care for your client during the times you will be a MCOI intern.  We encourage you to consider having your client contract with home care agencies whose workers are in our Union.

Will all materials be provided for house visit?
For house visits, you will be provided with all materials which will allow you to locate their homes easily.  You will share your story and listen to members’ stories, encourage them to get involved, and to join the Political Accountability Fund.

What is the next step after I submit my application online?
MCOI lead will contact you within one week via phone after you submit your application.